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Originally Posted by Headshotterer View Post
my choice isnt here.

shorten swing and hit a solid return
Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
I'm pretty sure that's "Block it Back" under the options. I did forget to add your option though! Anyone know how to edit the poll options?

For your poll, perhaps that's what you meant by "redirecting?" Because I'm pretty sure the above poster is not blocking it back. Blocking (to me, and perhaps I am quite wrong on my tennis terminology) implies that you're not swinging, which would be more similar to a volley.

In my experience (and I'm relatively young), my current coach and the ones before him all seem to be on par regarding the shortened back-swing return methodology. The above post seems to be of similar style:

It's not that the swing is small, but merely the strategy of not taking the racket [racquet] back all the way. A complete follow-through is a MUST to get enough topspin to keep in the court, in most cases anyway. With a slightly shortened back-swing, what I'm gaining is not hitting my returns too deep (aka out)...

More importantly, it counteracts my ADD so that I'm not getting to the ball too late (seriously! Oh, look, a squirrel... ). Pathetic, but it works, because my return game has skyrocketed with this minor adjustment.

Now, neither pace nor spacing out cannot deter my returns! If I'm doing everything else right, anyway...

It also works with slower serves, spin of various sorts, and the junk that I get from friends who cannot serve, because I don't get out-of-control when I see a "lay-up" presented to me in the service box.
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