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Originally Posted by Kenny022593 View Post
My coach for High School told us to call EVERY ball out no matter what and to say second serve. LOL. The out ball thing is a good thing in high school too because I have run into the occasional dick head who said it is his point because I didn't call a ball that landed outside of the doubles alley out....
They also tell you to say "double" when the opponent double faults. The only reason why they tell you to "call out everything" is because everyone knows the mentality of teenagers.

I was watching some kids play this past weekend and one of the opponents touched it twice. He played the ball the second time for a winner do the surprise of our team. After our guys said "You, touched it twice?" and he adamantly said "No?" after looking at his partner, out guys fell apart after trying to get even by hitting with serves, swinging volleys, returns ect.

Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
I call serves like this:
If serve is wide: Wide!!
If serve is long: Long!!
The only problem with this is that eventually you're going to say the wrong "out call" and your opponent is going to be weary of your calls in the future. I cant tell you how many times one player will say "wide" and the other one says "long" on the serve that landed in the wrong box, or just drifted a little long.

It's best to just say "Fault!" or "No!" or "Out!".

Originally Posted by Posture Guy View Post
lol, those are funny.

yeah, if the ball is out by a couple of feet or less I'll verbally say "out".

if it's out by more and it's pretty obvious it was out, I'll point a finger to signal it.

if it's WAY out, I'm not going to be a jerk about it and either say or signal anything.
This is what I do, almost exactly.

If the ball is 2 inches out on a first serve, im going to say (loudly) "fault" to be very clear. I hate it when people just hit it into the net and say "no" on balls like this. I'm always going to play balls on the serve that are a few inches out and make the call immediately after.

If its obvious, ill probably catch it and give the finger.

If its way out, I usually just give the finger also, but it'll probably end up rolling around a little because it was no where near me. (at least id like to think so)
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