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Originally Posted by BurnNotice View Post
Why anyone would dink back a dink serve is beyond me.
While I'm not much of a dinker at all on rtns, I can see why players building confidence in their games would choose this. IMO one of the most important things I can do when the the other guy is serving, is to make him work hard if he is going to hold. The harder I work him, the less chance his good serve will determine those points and the better chance to break him, along with breaking his confidence. I'm fortunate that rtn is one of the better parts of my game, so I can be quite aggressive and stay very consistent as well. When returning I want to make sure I get some rally shots going for keeping a rhythm on strokes for when he is serving, because I don't expect to hit as many strokes when I'm serving. When I'm serving, I will keep the points shorter and push my advantage, but when returning, IMO you should extend rallys and not let him push the advantage of his serve.
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