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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
There have been people advocating that for a long long time. Almost a little shocking to see Roddick as the voice of reason there!

Aside from the mental aspects ("losing a volley" LOL), which I absolutely agree with, I would also worry about the streakiness of the serve. I have the feeling that typical serving strategy may spread out the penalties from double faulting/losing a rally. I would worry that, with 2 first serves, while one may win many games very convincingly, one would also toss away more games....and that would be a very poor trade-off in a sport where games are tallied!
Yes and in the end the article seems to lean toward what you're saying. Throw in a couple of double faults close together and you could lose a game; and ultimately the winner is the one who wins the games and the sets, not necessarily the one who wins more points or wins his serve more convincingly.

In tennis you've got to win the Electoral College, not the popular vote.

Having said that, there's always something to be said for going for more on your second serves, if you're being too cautious with them. Somewhere in there, short of hitting two identical first serves, is a happy medium. I just wonder how that could be measured statistically.
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