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Default Who serves first in doubles?

Watching the Bryan bros play Karlovic/Moser in US Open. In third set Moser decided to serve first and the commentators accused Karlovic of not being as committed to the doubles as singles. one of them said that Moser should tell Karlovic to "Get off your *** and start serving". I was really surprised by the criticism. To me it seemed like a great strategy.

Clearly Karlovic is a better server and can get himself out of trouble by serving aces. Also consider the fact that Moser did not serve very well in 2nd set. So it makes perfect sense for him to open serve in 3rd set when there is less pressure. Let Karlovic serve in the crucial 4th/8th/12th games.

What do the doubles specialists here think? What do you normally do under similar circumstances?


PS: Karlovic just closed the match with an Ace in the 8th game of the third set.

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