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Yes and in the end the article seems to lean toward what you're saying. Throw in a couple of double faults close together and you could lose a game; and ultimately the winner is the one who wins the games and the sets, not necessarily the one who wins more points or wins his serve more convincingly.
Right, looking back at the article, I see Roddick hints at it, though he may have been talking mainly about nerves, and Boynton certainly mentions it.

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In tennis you've got to win the Electoral College, not the popular vote.
Good analogy...for Americans anyways

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Having said that, there's always something to be said for going for more on your second serves, if you're being too cautious with them. Somewhere in there, short of hitting two identical first serves, is a happy medium. I just wonder how that could be measured statistically.
I do's possible that people have historically erred on the side of caution too much, and in fact, I'd love to see some youngster trained to only 1st serve, try the extreme version...I knew a cocky 6'4 amateur with nothing but a serve who tried it. (bombs away first and second)

If you conditioned the kid early enough, could he pull it off? How often? Surely not all people could regardless of training, but maybe somebody could. It would be easier if all people did it....if it were the prevailing wisdom. Nonetheless, I don't think anybody could not think about at say....break point in the 5th set of the USO final

And of course....were everyone to do would ruin the game completely...LOL.
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