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Played for about 2 hours today, Hit for about 45 minutes and then played 2 sets. lost first 4-6, was up in the 2nd 4-1 when we ran out of time. With the gut.poly hybrid at 60/58# control was excellent, spin was ridiculous and comfort was good. I am still struggling with hitting serves going long, so I know I am not getting through the strike zone with enough snap and height. Will work on that. Even with a real relaxed service motion at 50-75% output, the frames mass can really bring in some easy heat. I was hitting great angles today and some good outright down the line winners off of both wings. I did not do to much S&V today because I couldn't get comfortable serving, otherwise, I really am starting to enjoy this frame.Volleys are solid, but you have to be ready or the frame can feel sluggish. I have a league match in the morning and then I am playing again in the afternoon. I will bring a basket and some targets and work on my serve some more tomorrow afternoon. If I am still loving it by the weekend, I will probably pick up a 2nd frame and move to this. I really like the BB legends, but it just feels flimsy compared to the 200 tour.
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