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Originally Posted by fms View Post
There's one thing I don't get: so reportedly after the PS 85, he used a custom 90, then the actual PS Tour 90, and then his custom 90 (the 'Kfactor').

But what was that first custom 90, then? Was it the Kfactor model already? Then why did he switch back to the PS Tour for a while? Or was it an unknown 90 model that would develop into the PS Tour?

There is no definitive answer/explanation/source that will settle the debate whether the retail K90 is Federer's actual frame underneath all those PJs. Some believe the retail K90 was the "custom" 90 already in existence long ago disguised by various the PJs.

If you peruse the comments in a thread I coincidentally started several months ago regarding this subject (, and based on other evidence, photos (e.g., see Fabfed's posts), interviews by Fed himself, info deemed from Federer's stringers (Priority 1), responses by members of this board, etc., there is a strong argument that what is claimed about the K90 (that it is the actual frame Fed uses/ed) is true and accurate.

That said, however, as with most things in life, there is an opposing camp that steadfastly opposes this fact.

Regardless, what is a known fact is that Federer did use the actual retail PS Tour 90 for a brief time (even at the French Open which I noted in my chart).

FYI, on a related note, if you're just talking about actual, retail rackets that Fed used (not the PJ) in his career, then the following list should be acknowledged:

1. PS 6.0 85 Mid-Production Chinese
2. PST90
3. *K90, i.e., the custom 90 he won all the Grand Slams with (*caveat here for obvious reasons!)

In any case, it's all pretty interesting (to me at least).

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