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Originally Posted by Mig1NC View Post
Well, the spin only felt so-so on my pacific17/beast16 hybrid. All other catagories were really good though.

I really think you need a thinner poly than 16g to make the most of this setup.
Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
If spin is related to the friction or lack thereof between the mains and the crosses, it stands to reason that the thickness of the crosses will affect this. Presumably the thinner the cross, the lower the friction since there will be less surface area coming into contact with the mains.
I believe this is true. But you need to recognize that spin is only one factor of many. I have two racquets with this setup right now. One has a 100" head and is strung with Pacific Tough Gut 16 gauge in the mains and Co-focus 1.27 in the crosses. The other has a 95" head and has Pacific Classic 17 gauge in the mains and Co-Focus 1.23 in the crosses.

I find that I do get more spin from the thinner strings, but way too much pop off the stringbed on a flatter shot. The racquet with the larger head, which I would expect to have more pop, actually has a lot more control due to the thicker strings, even though it has less spin. It still generates plenty of power, but exhibits less of a trampoline-like feel off the stringbed. It just has a ton of controlled power. I have a lot more confidence swinging out with this racquet on service returns and flatter shots than the other. With the other racquet I feel like I have to hit with a ton of spin just to keep the ball in the court. So I suggest when evaluating your hybrids, that you take into consideration more factors than just spin generation.
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