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Default Jack Sock's past & future?

Jack Sock plays Roddick in what may be a passing of the torch.

I know a little about him.....would like to know more. Especially in regards to his Junior career. What i know:

- Although born in Nebraska (which the media focuses on), he's lived & trained in greater Kansas City.
- Dude WENT to HS (& won the multiple State HS championships).
- His coach is Mike Wolf (I assume Sock works out at the tennis academy of the same name) from Overland Park KS.
- Started tennis at age 8. (not sure where)
- Great forehand, serve & an ok 2 handed backhand.
- Comes to the net more often than most.
- Great smile....seems to have a good attitude.
- Won multiple USTA National Championships at age 12, age 16 & 18. (not sure what happened at age 14?)

Interesting that:

- obviously no QS.
- Not a USTA training center dude. (correct me if i'm wrong)
- Not a home-schooled dude.
- Not a FL or SoCal dude.
- Considered Nebraska, Oklahoma & Texas....but decided to go pro.

How'd he do it?

- Where (& how) did he train from 9-12 that got him to be the best in the country?

- Was he a banger (or a pusher) at age 10-12?

- Why didn't he go to Boca?

- When did he move to Overland Park?

- Why did he go to HS (& play HS tennis?)

- How many hours a day (or week) did he train to become the top US kid at age 17?

- Is he a future Top 10 player?

- What racquet does he play with?

- Is he buddies with Harrison? Enemies? Will they be the #1 & #2 US players in 2014?

If anyone has info or wants to add comments on this former Junior Champion, please do.


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