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I also understood the high school story to be a PR thing. I don't want to turn this thread, but I don't believe anyone can be a successful pro through a truly traditional school route these days. The competitive level is so high. We can barely miss school for true family emergencies yet tennis tournaments. Back to Jack, he was at an academy and tournaments most days. Not "normal" at all.

I can't figure out if him beating Roddick would be a good thing or bad thing. Hate to see either lose, but that's tennis.
Exactly, his normal was lots of classes done on the road, etc. He wasn't sitting in Mr. Kotter's class shooting spitballs.

There is no formula, some kids leave for academies, some partially, some raised by obsessed dads.....the money making pros are represented by all kinds of backgrounds. Sock worked hard and has lots of tennis talent. But he certainly does not prove that the road to the pros is paved by living a perfectly normal childhood either.
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