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Originally Posted by AR15 View Post
You think that is an "apples to apples" comparison? strange logic
So what rules are silly (but need to be strictly enforced) and what rules are beyond question (and who gets to decide)?

Should the chair umpire have a stopwatch at professional matches and enforce the 25 second rule strictly? The 5 minute warmup rule? The coaching rule? How about calls for review?

Would you want a league match held to the exact same standards are a professional match in all regards?

Are all rules black and white? Are some grey? Should judgement and discretion be involved or should it be "letter of the law" all the way? If so, where does it end? Do we need to measure the exact height of the net to the millimeter after each point? After all, there is an exact height specificed and that should be enforced?

When does it get absurd in your opinion?
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