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Originally Posted by mucat View Post
If I remember correct, I have never done those in front of a cop. I might have sped a little bit in front of cops a few times, but I wasn't fast enough (only 10km over) to deserve a ticket... yet.
I only footfaulted a little bit

Why do I deserve a ticket?

How can you be a "black and white letter of the law guy" in some instances but not in others? Apparantly you and AR15 use some disrection to decide when to be "letter of the law". Which sounds to me like some rules you think are "important" and some are not so important. How do you decide? And then, why is your judgement more valid than someone elses?

Personally, I'm very concerned with net height because I know that even one millimeter can mean the difference between the ball hitting the tape and falling over the net or not falling over the net. Some people say I'm wrong to be obsessed with measuring the net height, but I don't think so. I understand how important it can be and I also know the rule.
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