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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
What I have learned from this website ( besides tennis info) is that every state's school is different.

But, if your child is taking 4- 5 AP and 2 honor classes,
you really can't miss that much school anyway....
Ha, great player, but lets not act like he had a traditional high school experience. It never got in the way of his tennis. Sure he missed plenty of school. Come on now, he was not exactly rocking high school which isn't very hard anyway in Kansas anyway. Even his coach says his grades are just okay and is basically saying he ain't into all that fancy book learnin....which means he just did what was needed to Kansas, where they are very sure the world was formed 6000 years ago. They most likely passed him because he won them tennis championships.

From the Kansas City Star:

"Sock estimates that he has missed “35 or 36” days of school this semester"

"he attended the first days of classes but then left for 18 days straight to play in a tournament."

"The school also has no rule stipulating that student-athletes attend a certain number of days to be eligible to participate in sports. Completion of assignments, not physical attendance, is considered most important."

"“He’s probably not going to woo you with the number of books he’s read,” Wolf says. “His grades are OK."

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