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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
The problem for both girls and boys is that so many available scholarships go to foreign students.

Why it's tough for our kids to get scholarhips, look at New Mexico State's men's and women's team, 100% foreigners!

There's one American. I understand the foreigner beef. But look at the whole picture, how many in state 4, 5 star and Blue Chips recruits are available to fill the rosters for both NM State and NM?

Between New Mexico State and New Mexico I see 3 American kids on the 4 rosters from the state of New Mexico.

Maybe quota limitations would help. If implemented I foresee unintended consequences surfacing as a result. For states like New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and other sparsely populated tennis playing states it's totally unrealistic to think that unqualified D1 athletes should be gifted athletic scholarships and then will contribute to a competitive D1 team.

New Mexico St. and New Mexico women's tennis are great examples of schools with few Americans on their roster. I'd love to hear from their coaches how easy it is to get 4, 5 star and Blue Chips to even give them the time of day.

Put in quota limitations and you'll start to see the same two or three schools win the NCAA's year in and year out.

I still contend if a kid really wants to play college tennis there's a school out there for them that is a fit. Not every American tennis playing kid is going to play at the school of their choice.

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