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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
If spin is related to the friction or lack thereof between the mains and the crosses, it stands to reason that the thickness of the crosses will affect this. Presumably the thinner the cross, the lower the friction since there will be less surface area coming into contact with the mains.
This has been my experience but as others have mentioned you also get more power which, if not tamed by sufficient top spin, can send balls long.

So frame stiffness also plays a role. A soft frame can suck some power out of the total frame/string machine and also increase spin-friendly dwell time. (This is why I almost wish we had a third forum beyond string and racquets specifically geared to discussion of setup "systems"...spin friendly systems, high power systems, low power systems, control systems...I think it's more helpful to think in terms of total package than isolated components...)

On my PSLGT when I changed from 16g Touch and 17g Cofocus cross to Team and 18g Cofocus there was a significant boost in spin and power but the dense pattern and soft frame meant it was still controllable.

Today I bought a second Speed 300 and had it strung with VS Team 17g mains and BB Ace 18g* crosses at the same reference tension as my Touch/CoFocus setup. Eager to see how they compare in power and spin.

*my local source for MSV is changing locations ans can't ship anything for a while.
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