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Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
Wow. So it's official. Pickle Juice works on cramping. Yes.
I will get my wife on the once-a-month pickle juice protocol post haste!
Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
^Oh yes^. Cheers to ... whatever the opposite of cramping is.
Bird's the word.
Errr. no. You take it every match when you feel a muscle twinge / cramp

I've also been taking it when I'm feeling fatigued, which I know is when my muscles will cramp with the slightest encouragement

I ingest about an ounce or so every match/post match

Originally Posted by Kaz00 View Post
Interesting I usually drink buckets of water before and during a match. If I feel a cramp coming I'll get the bottle of mustard out and throw some on a granola bar and eat it. Pickle Juice I'll have to try that before a match couldn't imagine drinking something that strong during a match!
Mustard also works, apparently because of the vinegar

Some people carry mustard packets with them rather than pickle juice

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