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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Any sort of poly in the low to mid 50s is good for the tour series of 03, EXO3 and Ozone (as well as Speedport) frames. I've used all kinds of poly strings, and I prefer those, since the frames were designed for people who swing fast and like to hit the crap out of the ball.

Yes sir. +1

Originally Posted by lefty10spro View Post
EXO3 Tour 16x18. Mains - Recoil @ 46#, Crosses - Beast @ 43#. 4.5 heavy spin player.
Recoil is a very underrated string and feels great with the exo3 series. Great spin and string movement... but no string re-shifting.

Originally Posted by hexagon View Post
EXO3 Tour 16x18, hole grommets except top piece, strung with Weiss Cannon B5E @ 60lbs. Tension lost around 5-6 hours of used then broke at 8-10 hours.
Port holes up top, string-hole inserts at 3&9, that's what I've decided feels best as well.

Any poly at low tensions will feel good in these soft frames. I loved LuxM2Pro(50lbs.) and currently BBO @ 48lbs.
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