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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
I'm how are they pretending? Is it the way they dress? Sit? Converse?

Do you really think there is zero interaction between Sock & Berger? I've recently seen Sock working down at USTA but it doesn't matter, the kid can play regardless of who's working with him.

Like em or not, both P-Mac and J-Mac are good for American tennis.
They were pretending to be involved with Sock and it was disgusting. Their boss Pat was saying how they ran out of room in Sock's players if they should have been there? Pat Mac tries to hitch his coaches onto any young American AFTER they have success to justify the insane waste of money.

Total garbage. High performance is a bust and always has been. A total waste of millions. They had ZERO to do with Sock. And in fact had he gone to them at age 14 he would have probably not ended up where he is today.

Pat Mac has no clue, nor does the USTA. Together they damage US tennis by tossing money down rat holes, they don't help it.

If you think Sock would have the touch and net play and free flowing creativity he has today if he had left Wolf and gone to USTA high performance than you are wrong. His game is a product of his natural talent, combined with the perfect coach for him as he developed. His long time coach saw his talents and sculptured a game to fit. Just like Uncle Toni did for Rafa. Thats not what USTA high performance can do. And none of those bozos last night had a dang thing to do with his development. And they had nothing to do with Harrison either.

Those guys are supposed to discover and develop young players. So sitting courtside while your boss says you should be in the player's box....for a kid almost 19 who has already been discovered and developed? Thans nothing but posing to justify the huge money pit that is USTA high performance.

What players were they discovering last night?? None. They were using their positions to get great seats to a fun match. Once again wasting money. I bet they will also have great seats to watch Djoker and Fed and Rafa. Gee, is that part of their jobs too?

chalk, you obviously have some sort of allegiance to the USTA. Perhaps you should recuse yourself on these topics as your normally insightful posts are pretty lame in regards to USTA.

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