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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Well, I don't think there's a bigger Federer fan than me on the planet, but I absolutely HATE the K90 paintjob. Give me the PS 6.0 85 paintjob with which Federer never won anything with and I'd be very happy.

As the quote goes, "to each his own. . . ."

It's interesting that each person on this board has his/her own preferences as to what PJ is their favorite.

Where one person can hate the K90 PJ, another person, namely myself, can flat-out LOVE everything about the K90 PJ.

(BTW, I also think the HPS 6.1 and HPS 6.0 PJs are the bees knees as well.)

So, maybe since this is a tennis forum, a more apt quote would be: "different strokes for different folks"!
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