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Ok so I actually handled and got a (very brief) hit with what I was told was this racquet today as a blacked out prototype. Coach had this for a hit from Wilson contact. Supposedly a prototype of "the new Fed Frame". Please bear in mind that I only have this on his authority. It appears legit however. Pics are with an old iphone so apologies for quality but it was what was available.

Definitely a bigger headsize than that 90 but not by much. Very reminiscent of the Tour 95 in particular the throat and box beam and appears to be the same mould from what I could tell, the throat section is different from the K90 for sure. It was also very light (289 unstrung) and appeared to have thicker beam (say 20mm). My feeling is that this was perhaps a prototype for customisation or similar. The chap was very nervous that someone would see me hit with it so I only got to hit about ten balls. Stiffer and more power than the K90. Good feel. Whippy. Pics and specs below

Full frame:

Throat section:

Throat section above the handle:

Specs (note that I have blanked out the racquet#, chap didn't really want me taking pics at all):

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