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Originally Posted by llama
I don't know what match you were watching. I watched that match and it was obvious that he was injured. And the ESPN announcers didn't seem bias at all. They also seemed concerned that he appeared to be injured. At least Agassi collects his appearance fees for a good cause. The "real" Agassi ugly? - (I assume you're speaking of his character). That's just laughable. No other athlete in the world is as generous and philanthropic as he is. "You" don't believe he was injured"? Are you an orthopaedic surgeon? Did you see the x-rays? Do you honestly believe that he'd miss his favourite Slam if he wasn't injured? BTW - a "heel" is the back part of your foot. I think you mean "heal".
I watched the match again and the first set was 6-4 Davydenko. At 2 all in the 2nd set Agassi was up 40-15 and got ripped off on an ace. He got frustrated, and started grabbing his shoulder. After that he quit playing.
His court movement was the same in both sets, just could not serve. So if it was a foot injury, it never was visible during the match. If anything he could have claimed a shoulder problem which would have been believable.
So many injuries, he should retire.
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