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Originally Posted by Motherwasp View Post
So the Bumblebee's are in between the regular radical MP (630cm) and OS (690cm)??
Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Are the toys included?
've checked but they say the zebra is too much fun!!
Originally Posted by Samperer View Post
Any details on the mizunos?
They're 95" 1x pro classic and 2x 9.2 aimed at the pro staff classic user i think.

Originally Posted by pizikylin View Post
Hey Dave, I never come across a bumblebee Radical Tour with 660 headsize and 18*19 patten
Would you please send me some addtional pics of them? BTW, I've checked the pics in your album.

Please send your offer to Thank you.
Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post

How big are the Wilson racket bags?

the k faactor one is a 6 pack the ones at the back ar epretty beaten up.

Originally Posted by Samperer View Post
My boy highly recommends the bouncing zebra
It looks fun but i'm not allowed to play on it!
The rads, they are 660, i got them without handles pallets,got another coach to add silicone, lead, pallets added they play sweetly AFAIK they share(or are) the same as the bumblebee jnr.
Pure drives have also been sold.
I can't at the moment sell the 6.0................
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