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Originally Posted by llama
Maybe he didn't claim it was his shoulder, because it wasn't his shoulder that was bothering him. Maybe you can't seem to grasp the idea that he wasn't faking - that it was his ankle that was injured - as he has stated all along. And you contradict yourself - in one sentence you're inferring that he was faking an injury and in the next your saying he should retire because he has so many injuries. Make up your mind. And I'm sure that Andre's just been breathlessly waiting for your opinion on his life, in order to make his next move.
He should retire from the tour, not contradicting anything. Maybe you should go back and watch the match, 2-2 in the 2nd set, see for yourself. Did you even watch the match?
Even Mac said it does not look good, Agasii was grabbing his shoulder!
Can't believe he pulled out with a foot injury, he faked it! and quit the tournament! Took his toys and went home for the exhibition match with Roddick 3 week later.
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