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I used to play with the speedport red and I put a full bed of Big banger in it at mid recommended tension and it was to stiff for me. I don't think I'll ever break these strings even over winter.
2 years ago I switched to EXO3 Graphite and have 2 of them. Prince 3d at 58 was too stiff.
Went back to a non poly Head fiber gel 16 gauge which had good control but I lost even more power on my serve. This racquet I can place the serve anywhere but I sacrifice some power with the serve for this.

I also liked the head RIP full bed 16 gauge at 58, More power than the fiber gel or other multi's and syn guts. Also equal or better control.

My favorite has been hybrid Prince 3d/recoil 56 Poly 3d mains and 58 recoil crosses but there was notching, though it did last 2 months.

Currently using Bab RPM 17 56 on the mains and head RIP 16 58 on the crosses. At first I hatted it, it felt like mush. But after about 3-4 days of use I guess the RPM balst started losing it's tension and it feels a lot better. No notching

The 3d/recoil still had more power and was more crisp with tons of spin. It seems the RPM blast is softer than the prince 3d.

I'm going to try the Bab RPM blast full bed next and if that is to stiff I'l try RPM with the recoil. One racquet will stay as prince 3D and Recoil however as a comparison until something else beats it.

I think having 2 of the same racquets is essential for comparisons. Could luck in your quest everyone.
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