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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
who knows how much cockroach was in the beer?! haha...but yes, i do owe you a few beers...are you in nova anymore?

on a side note...i just had bonchon wings this past weekend...if someone knew about these and didn't tell me they existed, then i'm a little upset with you right now...they were pretty amazing...

so crispy and delicious!

we've covered that topic many moon ago.... it's better than thi exploded chicken you rave..

also... is it sad that i know those chicken was not consumed at bon chon as they don't have a table top like that. nor plate.. and presentation?

also also.. i'm meeting a guy for erasure tickets at the door.. his description is that he's holding a rainbow umbrella. normally i'd say that's cake to spot but in this case i believe it'll be a "drag" to find him.

i'll be here all week. enjoy the buffet.. woot
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