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Default Do you want Indian Wells Reports?

We have a big group at IW, and we'll be posting daily reports. If you guys like, I can have them posted here. Warning: they will be long.

But they won't be all about Roddick or Nadal. In fact, I'm rooming with a Flipper fan, and I'm hanging out with people who have websites for Safin, Clement, Gambill and others. We are a diverse group. But we get along great.

The reports will just be a stream of consciousness about our day. But I won't have time to post them myself. We'll post them onto another site. But if you want I can ask someone to post the reports here, if you are interested.

We will have lots of off-court stuff to report as well as on-court. We are staying at the players' hotel, etc. It's up to you, really. So just say yes or no. Doesn't matter either way. Just need to assess the interest. Don't want to waste anyone's time.

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