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For starters he was a former top 10 ATP pro, won 3 tour stops, All-American at Clemson, graduated magna cum laude, won Kalamazoo, was Assistant Coach at Florida International and the Head Coach at University of Miami. Good enough for me, but I'm sure that will get flamed.
Thats all fun stuff, but none of it has a thing to do with the mission. The mission is to identify kids with potential, work them out and interview them to try and figure out if they have that special it factor, and then develop them.

In baseball they have a scouting system and the best track record guys move up and become director of scouting and development. Other guys have proven themselves at great developmental coaches and move up to direct that.

Cal Ripken may have done great things, but the director of scouting and development was a star in his field and may have never played baseball past the lower levels. The 2 are many times not related. The guy with the best record in the actual sport has nothing to do with the person who may be best at finding and developing talent.

Rick Macci is proven at player development, Pat Mac is not. Pat Mac could own Macci on court but that is not relevant.

The problem is exactly what you posted. They don't hire based on actual track records in the specific area of each job. None of his extensive accomplishments show success with the responsibilities of his current position. His only player development at all was with 20 year old college students, nothing to do with his job now.

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