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I am in a similar situation to you asked, except I have been a 3.5 since I started league play in 2005. I am trying to give it my best effort to move up to 4.0 and one thing that has helped me is to play more against 4.0 or better players. I'm in a 7.5 league and I also have two 4.0s who will hit with me regularly. One even likes to practice more than play which is great for me. Unfortunately I've only won 2 of 12 sets played against one of the guys but I'm 1 of 3 against the other 4.0. Not stellar results but at least I'm able to squeeze out the occasional 6-4, 7-5 or TB win.

I'm also taking some weekly group lessons but may try some individual ones after this session is over.

The last thing I'm doing is trying to get fit and drop body-fat, which also meant in my case dropping a lot of weight (25 lbs). That has really helped my mobility but it still has a ways to go to be 4.0 competitive.

I also practice on my ball machine, primarily shots which are weaknesses. I used to hit overheads erratically at best but I try to regularly hit several hundred of those suckers with my SP Star and that has helped me immensely so that they are no longer a weakness at least.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. I had a 3.5 teammate get early season bumped to 4.0 and we are about dead even when we play social singles so sometimes it is the luck of the draw (who you play that is) on whether you get bumped up or not, imo.
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