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Originally Posted by ian2 View Post
I have no recipes but will mention one random thing: I find hitting self-fed shots (drop-and-hit) very beneficial, more so than wall or even ball machine drills.

Ian, we may have to be the charter members of the drop-feeding club.

So. How do you drop feed, and what shots do you work on?

Me, I'm currently trying to ingrain something I'm supposed to be doing on my 2HBH: Pointing racket butt at the ball, like shining a flashlight on it. A perfect skill for drop feeding.

I also have made a lot of progress with crushing short balls using drop feeding. I spend a fair amount of time with this, as I have a tendency to hit them long. I'm trying to hit topspin angles bringing the ball up and down. On the rare occasions I pull it off in a match, it is a beautiful thing.

I also like working on running around my BH, especially to hit DTL.
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