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Originally Posted by VamosRafa
Hello from La Jolla!

It was an amazing day today. Andy seemed to be in control, and the third set TB was the key. Andy didn't convert Matchpoint, and then he was so sick. We knew something was up with him, because he had a waste basket brought over to where he was sitting.

But when he started throwing up, we knew things were bad. But hey, he's no Justine H-H. He left it all on court, literally, and started to make a comeback in the fifth set.

But Pavel took advantage of the situation, as he should -- just kept the ball in play, and ran Andy around as much as possible.

But Blake really took control in the second match. It was terrific. Blake is playing very confident tennis. I have high hopes for us being up 2-1 tomorrow.


This location is terrific for DC, BTW. Good job, USTA. And the hotel is amazing!!!
Susan, how much does the whole DC experience cost (if ya don't mind me asking)? I'd really like to go to DC at some point, and I hope they'd try to make it somewhat affordable for the fans.

I really wish they'd hold it in Cincy at some point--it always seems to be CA, FL, or TX.
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