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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

Ian, we may have to be the charter members of the drop-feeding club.

So. How do you drop feed, and what shots do you work on?

Me, I'm currently trying to ingrain something I'm supposed to be doing on my 2HBH: Pointing racket butt at the ball, like shining a flashlight on it. A perfect skill for drop feeding.

I also have made a lot of progress with crushing short balls using drop feeding. I spend a fair amount of time with this, as I have a tendency to hit them long. I'm trying to hit topspin angles bringing the ball up and down. On the rare occasions I pull it off in a match, it is a beautiful thing.

I also like working on running around my BH, especially to hit DTL.
Hey Cindy, I small club I'd think. Well, I do quite a bit of drop-feed drills... sometimes an hour a week combined from 30 min, 20 min, or even 5 min sessions, and sometimes two hours in one session. I either focus on a specific shot (i.e. sharp angle forehand cross-court) and go through a basket of balls (or two, or three baskets) doing just that, before moving on to another shot; or I focus on tuning up all basic groundstrokes, by hitting several FH (i.e. 3 DL + 3 CS), followed by several topspin BH (again with specific targets in mind), followed by slice BH, etc.

I often start with hitting rally speed balls down-the-line into doubles alley, on both sides (FH and BH), and making sure I hit six in a row inside the alley before moving on... start over if I miss one long or wide; kick myself and start over if I miss one into the net

The more exotic varieties are drop-shots from different positions inside the court (from just inside the baseline, to service line, to 3 feet from the net), "crush the short ball off high feed", and self-fed overheads. The latter involves hitting the ball vertically and high, letting it bounce, and then hitting an overhead... not easy, requires some serious attention to footwork.

I try to make drop-feed drills as dynamic as possible making sure that: a) footwork is involved, and b) I'm hitting specific targets consistently.
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