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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
With an over .500 winrate and decent tourney performance, you're going to get bumped up whether you like it or not. Probably soon.

If you don't like it, get ready to challenge the bump.
To be honest, at my age (39), it's very difficult to play 4 matches in a weekend at 4.0. Foot and knees start acting up.

I'd rather play 1-2 really great matches at 4.5 then the typical 4.0 tournament of a really easy match, a somewhat harder match, and then a 4.0 master i.e. counterpuncher/lobber/dropshotter.

Those aren't really fun matches to play, but the guys at the top of the tourney charts ALL play that game. I've won a couple, lost a couple, but didn't really have fun either way in those types of matches. I'm not calling them pushers, just "light hitters" who really know how to maximize match play.

I had a lot more fun at the Open Tournament where I won my first match, and got blown away in the 2nd round. Played really fun, hard hitting tennis and enjoyed going for my shots without worrying about winning.

Winning is important, but its definitely not the only thing. I'm getting worn out from playing the same 4.0 type game.

That being said, I need to develop a couple of more shots to really be able to compete at 4.5 instead of just showing up and getting blown off the court.
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