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Originally Posted by asked_answered View Post
I think my play style is more suited to the strategy you're adopting, MNPlayer. After some self-assessment and discussion with others who have seen me play, I've determined that I'm not a serve and volley type but an aggressive baseliner working on getting comfortable with approach shots and net play.
It's good that you are aware of your own personality and how you like to play. Don't forget to practice S&V though. It's pretty critical in doubles and also a great change up in singles. And every once in a while you'll get an opponent who just pops back your serve every time. Then you really want to have the S&V play to force him to go for his returns. I once practiced nothing but S&V against my regular practice partner for a couple months because my first volley sucked. I rushed through the shot instead of splitting early enough (still have some trouble with that...) This kind of skill is useful for attacking the net in general anyway. Sometimes you have to commit do something you're uncomfortable with for a while to make it feel more natural.
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