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Originally Posted by alienhamster
Susan, how much does the whole DC experience cost (if ya don't mind me asking)? I'd really like to go to DC at some point, and I hope they'd try to make it somewhat affordable for the fans.

I really wish they'd hold it in Cincy at some point--it always seems to be CA, FL, or TX.
They could do that for later events, but in February, venues are limited if they want it to be outdoors. Which they want to do against Croatia and Romania, as they are used to playing indoors.

The USTA comps tickets for the NetHeads, but that means you have to be there for all matches supporting the USA all the way. And you have to wear a net on your head. May seem strange to you, but when you do it in other countries, folks actually approach you and want to take a photo with you. Go figure.

But, Davis Cup is the best bang for your tennis buck. I've had the BESt time here. As much as I love going to tournaments, there is nothing like getting together with the USA supporters you have met at other events -- whether it be Belgium, Compton, Sevilla, Winston-Salem, Oklahoma, Houston -- we are all here.
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