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Originally Posted by treeman10 View Post
Jay was there for the photo opp for Bjorn, he is not a training center kid, never was, except for occasional hits there cause he trained all over Florida, and elsewhere. Traveled to the tournament with a group of Florida players with Jay as escort is not developing a player. Being at one tournament with a player (even as big as FO) does not mean you own them or ever did. Bjorn's parents would be horrified to have people think USTA developed him.

To believe this just shows how manipulative they are -- just as they were at Sock US Open debut.
bjorn said Jay was one of his coaches in the Video, Jay gave him pointers before the final. What did Uncle Tony have before Nadal, he knew how to play soccer or Mr Williams ?

no one is saying Jay owns Bjorn, if you think Bjorn has nothing to do with Jay Berger then I am sorry I can not help you.
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