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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post

I am a big guy and have absolutely no problem hitting the snot out of the ball. At 3.5 (4 years ago) many of my opponents could not handle my pace (especially the serve) even when I gave them plenty of hitting errors.

However, the biggest improvement in my game has come from realizing that hitting at 85% with control is far superior to hitting at 99% with more errors.

Currently I get far fewer aces and clean winners than I used to. However what I get instead is well constructed points that put my opponents in weak / defensive positions.

I am now at the top of 4.0 and may be bumped to 4.5 in November. I attribute this improvement to roughly 40 lessons over the past 5 years where I learned ground stroke and volley techniques that emphasized consistency.
Exactly! I'm hitting with around 60% pace with excellent placement, and I still am acing more then 10 times a match on average. I win probably close to 60-70% of my service points from just getting poor replies!

I haven't taken many lessons in my life time, but I do hit with much better players which really increases how much better I play. I consistently hit and train with 5.0+ players, which works on my game quite a bit!

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