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Originally Posted by TennisMaverick View Post
It's a feel stick, and very soft. If you string it tight with poly, there will be no power and little responsiveness off the string bed, so you will have to swing fast to generate. Hitting flat with full poly is useless and painful. Hitting heavy topspin on hard court, invites getting attacked on the first short ball. Hence, you better be swinging fast, hitting topspin, and doing it on clay.
I have tried it and I am really impressed. I used just a couple of minutes on hard court and then 30 mins on clay. Now I cut the strings and use Gripper on it. It's very soft and I am amazed on how precise it is. Probably it is wrong what I am saying but the feeling in the string bed reminds me a 18x20. On clay, where I could swing slower I have really appreciated the ball pocketing and dwell time. I do not want to compare it with BB V1 but one thing is sure: BB V1 is not so addictive!
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