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Originally Posted by tennisamba View Post
No, my level is 4.0-4.5 NTRP. I have always played with player's racquets (my first racquet was a wooden maxply mcenroe when I was 12).
I have really liked this frame because it reminds me the feeling I need to find when I construct every shot, since I have a lot of feedback to correct myself. And the feeling is beautiful, when I relax my arm, use my trunk and legs and grind the ball ...

This does not happen with my V1, which are far more generous, they give easy power even if do not hit well but they do not allow me to understand what I am doing....
Lead your V1 up to feel like your C10 Pro. V1s fully loaded, play real well, very cushioned, with tons of dwell time and control. I have a Classic V1 fully loaded, and just sold my loaded PB V1 to "pneumated", but they both allow me to play with anyone. It's not as precise as my PB 10 Mid/London tour, but a 102in2 is not supposed to be as dead-on as a 93in2. If you ever see a Catapult V10 online for sale, buy it. It is the VE player's version of a Cat V1, weighing-in near 12 oz strung. Mantilla and Bethany Mattick used it BITD. One of my guys uses it as soon as his wrist issue becomes symptomatic, and plays almost as well as he does with his Melbourne.
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