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Originally Posted by David123 View Post
Hi guys,

I am having problems with the glide bar on the neos 1000. It's extremely difficult to move along the table both on the crosses and the mains. The clamps move fine on the bars, but moving the bars are just a pain. I would have to sometimes use all my force just to move them a tad bit and I would have to apply the force to each of the ends as applying the force in the middle would not do much. Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks in advance.
Did you try loosening the adjustabe end of the bar assembly?

the bar should have a one piece bracket at one end and a 2 piece bracket at the other.

The 2 piece bracket has 3 screws holding a flat plate to the other piece. Loosen the screws and see if the bind goes away.
The procedure is in your Neos manual.

Another problem is if the brackets have moved on the in rotated which would cause a binding....
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