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It's funny when you think about two hands versus one hand on the backhand. In the past two hands were considered weak because of the lack of reach and problems on low balls. Nowadays with almost every player using two hands on the backhand the one hander may be considered the weaker of the two styles, especially on the high backhand. At least the trend is the two hander now. Maybe someday one hand on the backhand will come back into fashion.
Very interesting point, pc1. Along with the move away from grass in the U.S. and Aussie slams and the advent of topspin into the game by Borg the tennis ball bounced higher. Poly strings further enhanced the spin and higher bounces giving 2 handers a distinct advantage over one-handed backhands in today's game. Gasquet is the only outlier. Players now are more athletic and speedy so reach is less a consideration.
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