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Default Stringing Machine Recommendations. ~$2000 budget.

I am finally ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a stringing machine. It is long overdue. I have been reading a lot reviews/opinions and there appears to be a lot of choices out there which is making my decision extremely difficult. I would like to stay around $2000.

Initially I was interested in the Prince NEOS 1500 with the Wise 2086 ($1800) but after reading about some customer service issues with the Wise, I am having second thoughts.

Now I am leaning more towards one of the Gamma 5800 ELS's ($2099-$2299). Not sure which one. Considering the 6-point SC mount.

What are your opinions on the NEOS 1500/Wise vs. the Gamma 5800 and is there anything else I should be considering at this price point. Also which 5800 would be the best option.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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