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Default Gamma stringer

I have the Gamma 6400 and the 5800 I realy like both of these stringers. What I did not like was the mounting system on the 5800 over the 6400. I removed the six point on the 6400 and installed it on the 5800. I have no idea why Gamma put that six point on a stringer that cost twice as much as the 6400, and is twice as crapy. The problem was the set up. .The 6400 can be set up in a vert short amount of time, but the 5800 because of the many different knobs took much longer, and I don't believe the raquet was held any better. I do like the electronic machine better than the mechanical lock out because I think you get a better string job over all.
I have been a stringer for about five years.
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