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After 6 hours of play with the MSV Co-Focus 18g hybrid @ 48 (with KLIP Legend Tour 17g mains @ 52) in my Head Youtek Prestige Pro I am ready to declare this playtest to an end. Every time I put down this racquet to try one with another poly (Weiss Silverstring or Kirshbaum Pro Line II) while they both feel very good, I can wait to get back to the MSV. The feel and ball pocketing is SO much better. I have never felt strings with so much comfort, spin, control, and feel. The power is dialed down just a tad from the other two strings, but more balls go IN the court as a result. My groundstrokes and serves are much more consistent than they have been with anything else to date and it feels like the racquet is simply an part of my arm - it is almost as if I am "throwing the ball" back. The sweet spot feels huge and the picketing is insane! I am totally addicted. It is really like a whole new game for me. Fantastic!

Finally got a set of Co-focus 1.18 and strung it up on the crosses at 47. Believe it or not this is the 4th cross of strung on the same VS mains! (I know some people think this is nuts, but I'm not a string breaker and my stringing machine has a 6 pt clamping system so the hoop is very stable when I cut the crosses out, I can get a lot of life out of the gut mains by just replacing the crosses every 10 days or so). The mains had minimal notching but I made sure to weave the cross so the it overlapped in the same pattern as the previous crosses so it would use existing notches. If I did a fresh stringing I'd do VS at 56 and poly cross at 50 but knowing the mains had probably dropped into the upper 40's by now I strung the cross a little lower.

Anyway, played 4 sets of doubs and a set of singles today with it. Felt great! Probably a little crisper than the Silverstring I'd been using. I have another frame recently strung with VS and Silverstring and really the two felt pretty similar. Especially towards the end of hitting today after the MSV had broken in a little. Great combo.
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