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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
Hehe, I have an XL 95 in 3/8, but it's staying in my bag as my "shoulder repair" stick.

I've succesfully transitioned to the 1 Tour version. It's essentially the XL 95, albeit a little more flex/feel and a little less free power, though a lot lot more solid.

I said "free power" because if you have developed strokes, you'd be able to hit big with the 1 Tour too. With a little lead at the 12, you'd be able to blast away.

Back to your question, the closest would be the RDiS 200 MP. Or maybe a Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 euro version
I had o3 Tours MP & Ozone Tours MP, and I loved how flexy those racquets were. I like the feel I get off of my Yonex way better though, as it's a bit more solid and stable.

I honestly don't think I can transition to the regular RQiS 1 Tour; it seems way too heavy for me and a lot of the review say that is it way too underpowered :l

I actually tried the Babolat Pure Storm GTs, and surprisingly, I played a more consistent game with it, and more power as well. Maybe I should just get the XL 95 Lite, then lead it up if needed? I wanted to try out the Ezone 100 to get that extra oomph on my shots, but the thick beams are really scaring me off. Have you tried that one?
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