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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Cool. How many hours do you reckon you get out of your mains on average?
I've only been using gut since July, and since I've been experimenting I only have one frame that the mains have stayed on. I keep stringing notes but don't log the hrs I play. So I'll have to guestimate that.

I strung the VS mains of this frame on Aug 1st @ 54lbs. Started with Lux Ace crosses, probably played only about 6-8 hrs before deciding I didn't like the crosses and stopped playing that frame. Aug 10 cut out the crosses and redid with SPPP 16g that someone gave me. I hated the feel of SPPP in this stick (EXO3 Tour) and the 16g felt terrible to me so probably on 2 hrs with that. Aug 16th I replaced the crosses with WC Silverstring and really liked that string as a cross. Probably played 25 hrs with that before cutting out the crossed and trying the MSV. Put. 4 hrs in with that yesterday.

So that's about 35-40 hrs. And since I'm liking the MSV I can see sticking with it until it goes dead. Maybe another 10-20 hrs? Who knows, maybe longer. So I can see getting 50-60 hrs out of my gut mains.
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