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What do you guys think? Federer is undeniably the GOAT, but in terms of pure ball striking ability, I have to say it's Agassi. His ability to hit the ball so early and hit it as flat as he did was otherworldly. I don't think Federer - even in his prime - punished opponents and fired the ball from one side of the court to the other as well as Agassi.
I can't recall a singe time that Agassi shanked a ball except when he was on the dead stretch and couldn't reach the ball without framing it. IMO, Agassi hit harder, cleaner, earlier and more consistently that Federer on both sides. Having said that Federer's forehand was so versatile, and his movement so great and efficient, his forehand, on balance, was probably the greatest shot tennis has ever seen. Can't come close to that about Fed's bh.
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