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If andre was a better ball striker than fed he would have a much better career, especially when many fans believe he was a better player in his 30.
The village idiot strikes again. There are many factors that can go into a better career than just ball striking. Overall athletic ability, overall court movement, overall defense, mental toughness, fitness, serving, all court abilities, knowing how to use your weapons, quality of competition, circumstances.

Also if you are insinuating Federer faced the best of Agassi then you are delusional. Agassi won his last slam in January 2003. That also briefly had little to do with Federer who made it past the round of 16 of only 1 slams in 2003, and didnt even win a Masters title (other than the TMF at years end) that year. Most believe Agassi's best ever tennis was in 1994-1995 and in 1999-early 2000 at ages 24, 25, and 29. Some at a stretch have said 1999-2002, but then again 32 year old Agassi was still dominating 20 year old Federer in 2002. Agassi being a later bloomer won only 2 slams after turning 30, and his 2nd last ever slam was at age 30, while Federer did not begin beating him until he was nearly 34.
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