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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
I'm assuming you play with the XL 95 in stock? Honestly I'm not a fan of leading up something THAT much. PLus, you'd be putting most of the lead in the handle. I tried that once and it was too polarized at the handle and I thought the added weight didn't contribute anything good to the racquet and you'll be better off with the XL 95 Lite in stock.

For me, the Tour worked because I was leading up my XL 95 to beef it up. My biggest gripe about your racquet is it isn't as stable at the net. Some lead at the 3&9 fixed that. The Tour in stock is rock solid and I only added lead at the 12 to get more oomph.

Also, the "underpoweredness" of the Tour is blown way out of proportion. It's nothing a little lead at the 12 won't solve and a good set of string. As a comparison, you get nothing but praise on the PS85 (even if its low powered), and people just add "yeah I did add lead to the 3&9" only when asked.

Haven't tried the e-zone but somebody in the thread mentioned that it was suited for more flattish shots. Honestly, I'd be scared of the thick beam too. I had to work a lot of balls to get my forehand and backhand in tune w/ the RQiS tapered beam.

I think for now I'm just gonna stick with my 2 XL 95s. I know the type of shots you produce are more dependent on the way you hit rather than the racquet itself, but I wanna flatten out my shots more easily. I still haven't been able to really dial in my game with the XL 95s; I still shank balls left and right, but that could be because of lack of footwork and preparation. But the thick beam still plays with my head I loved the thin beam on my Ozone Tours!

If it's not too much to ask, can you suggest some tweaks I can do to fix up the racquet for me? Last month, I had em strung with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Rough on the mains at 60#, & PSG on the crosses at 57#. Now I have Luxilon Savage on the mains at 58#, & PSG on the crosses at 56. The current setup is definitely not working for me; my arm feels all the harsh vibrations and hitting flat is pretty much impossible
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