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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I finally got some matchplay in with the is some nice info I learned:

First thing, the lux ALU Power was dead..just a little crispiness left in it was at 52#s and crossed with OGSM. For anyone who liked the EXO a lot but was not sure about the flexy plush feel, the string hole grommets give it a much more crisp feel..more than I personally prefer...but I would strongly suggest trying a demo with them if at all possible. I also believe they plus the poly probably add around 5-6 grams to the head and that may account for the free extra power with no lead tape. The balance is slightly affected, but not by much. The stick is 11.9 with OG and Damp, but swings the same as the APDgt.

My question is if the port hole vs string hole grommets is just a feel thing or if there is more spin or control with one or the other? I am going to try and answer this myself since I am tracking down one more EXO and I will use the port holes with that one, but in the meantime any EXO user please chime in.

Anyway, the power level was awesome and the control was there. My game is predicated on heavy top baselining and then taking an opportunity to put a big shot in the corners so I can crash net, so I need power and spin and control. I am on hour 6 with this stick and it all clicked in for me. You can hit the big ball with this racquet, you can also hit the APD moonball loaded with top when you need a bail can slice incredibly well and you can drop shot with nice touch. I know because I did all these things and I played one of the few 5.0s at my club tonight.

The secret to this stick is to hybrid with a crisper copoly and syngut. It cracks and gives you a ton of ball feel with this setup. The spin level is extremely high as well. This EXO just takes a little time to dial in, but all the shots are there.

The big surprise is 2 handed backhand. I really thought I was going to be an extended guy because the 7G really upped the ante on the 2 hander, but this is the best racquet for 2 handers I have ever used. I can not really explain why, but I am pounding corners with it and high balls are much easier to rip back down...I think it is the open pattern.

Anyway, I have some slight inflammation left from serving with the APDgt 2 weeks ago so I let the guy serve at me...we have done this for years..just play sets like this if one person wants to rest their arm..when I had the prestige mid, he was just racking up 6-1s, 6-2s..tonight..different story..this racquet is godlike on returns..I was hitting clean return winners DTL on him..attacking his 2nd serve and won some games 4 straight..we drew even at 4-4 and called it a night..but this racquet really showed me something. It gives me the chance to break a lot of people's serves. The best shot was a down the T flat he hit at me on the deuce side..I cracked a driving slice return to the deuce corner that stayed ankle high and landed deep..surprised him so much he dumped it. What I am getting to is that this racquet is rather stable for me at least.

Anyway, I guess this would be a fulltime honeymoon, but I am getting incredible results against very very good players with it, so I think this thing is for real. I will probably wrap up my way too in depth review next week once I really start serving more.

For you guys on the fence with strings..what I learned today was real simple..flexy racquet - crisp string..crisp or stiff racquet - softer poly strings.

Pyro, The TB may be a little stiff in that apdgt, so just be careful there, and maybe consider Big Hitter Silver as a cheaper and slightly softer option...and Ross..if it was me, I would try big hitter blue, black magic, b5e or a similar string in the prestige pro. I would STRONGLY suggest a syn gut cross like gives you ball cracking feel and more power as well.

The EXO is suited for TB, Lux (im not going there), Cyberflash (wish I could still use), Big Hitter Silver..and those are just a few that come to mind. OGSM plays perfectly in it as a cross.

Nice post up. Very interesting. Too interesting. Here I am cooling a bit to the idea of the Exo Tour and now I'm reading about what a phenomenal 2hbh frame it is, how the string holes crisp the feel etc etc etc!

Q. Just how solid and stable does the frame seem to you? How does it compare to a Pres Pro? Or... hmmm... an APD?


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